Charitable Partners

“If everybody was 20 percent more successful and gave half of that back to some worthy cause, we could literally change the world.”
– Wayne von Borstel

von Borstel & Associates’ vision for wealth is to provide under-privileged children, young adults, and their families with access to the resources they desperately need and hope, from a Christian perspective, to help transform their lives.

To aid us with fulfilling this vision, von Borstel & Associates is dedicated to the continued support and advancement of the following charitable organizations.



At Oregon State University, the University Honors College is a degree-granting college, one of just a handful in the nation. Students in the UHC work toward an Honors Baccalaureate degree in a small school environment within a large university. The UHC welcomes students from diverse academic, cultural and geographic backgrounds.  Wayne and Marta’s two children, Donald and Melinda, both graduated from the University Honors College.


The mission of ACTS International is to provide, present, and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, using sports as a way of communicating with youth; to equip youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy life-style choices, especially concerning abstaining from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and regarding sexual abstinence until married; to disciple youth in the Word of God in small groups; and to establish youth into the local church.

Development Associates International

Through the Development Associates International (DAI), von Borstel & Associates is able to support the work of Scotty and Heidi Wisley, pioneers in faith-based community development in Papua, Bokondini and Eragayiam. Through their discipleship, the Wisley’s are able to model Christian values and transform the lives of hundreds of children and their families. The Wisley’s are building communities based on grace, not judgment.


Through AIM International we are able to provide support to YASAH. YASAH is an orphanage located on the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia. YASAH comforts the lonely, feeds the hungry, shelters unwanted children and helps those who have sadly lost parents to the natural disasters that have befallen the country. There are currently 102 active, lively and happy children in YASAH’s care.


Through AIM International we are able to provide support to the Nicodemus Trust. The Nicodemus Trust’s various projects are helping children and young adults to transform their lives.  Most are from difficult economic and family environments, have been living on the streets, or have been severely abused, and through this effort are experiencing rehabilitation and hope.


Through Great Commandments Ministries we are able to support one of their young volunteers as he works to connect with the indigenous people who live deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. As a result of his life-threatening work, we can help to bridge the great divide between our worlds.

The Dalles High School River HawksEach year, von Borstel & Associates awards scholarships to a select group of high school seniors graduating from The Dalles High School . Scholarships are awarded based on the students’ demonstration of excellent moral character and their achievements in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. As part of the application process, students are also asked to write an essay on how they plan to change the world.

Camp Morrow

Camp Morrow exists to evangelize and disciple people in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether here as a guest group or attending our programs, Camp Morrow desires to make a difference in our world Changing Communities One Life at a Time.


These charities are not affiliated with LPL Financial or von Borstel & Associates.
LPL Financial does not endorse these charities.