Are Annuities for You?

While I sit here, the market is moving as usual and financial writers are having a heyday telling you what to do now. I’m often asked why I use annuities in my clients’ portfolios or why I feel some clients should own annuities. Here’s my answer and an opportune time to explain. Annuities have numerous […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Financial Closet

I suppose it is human nature to want to clean our homes when spring comes. I was reading somewhere that 77% of Americans spring clean. Wow! This means all across the country people are cleaning behind the furniture, washing the windows, washing the drapes, and scrubbing the floor. I admit that I don’t spring clean, […]

Intentional Purposeful Giving

I suppose every day we give. We open the door for the person coming through. We smile at someone walking by. We do an errand for a friend or loved one.  Those are all forms of giving and they benefit us both mentally and emotionally.  But are you intentional about your giving? There is a […]

Do Financial Contradictions Affect Your Life?

We know what contradictions are, but what are financial contradictions? They are thoughts, feelings and actions regarding your investments and financial plans in the short-term that oppose what you set out to achieve with the same investments and strategies over the long-term. Financial contradictions are rooted in unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations about… 1. The market […]

The Front Porch

Recently, my father passed away at 94. Considering that his friends were all dead, the church was fairly full. The Legion attended with a military squad. The Navy played “Taps” and conducted a flag ceremony which ended with the presentation of the flag to my oldest sister. Many family and friends attended and shared stories […]