The Truth Project

New Book: The Truth Project

Wayne von Borstel, CFP® ChFC®, CLU, MSFS, takes us on an eye-opening journey through the minefield of financial myths that prevent too many from reaching a fulfilling retirement. Based on a quarter century of experience as a financial coach and advisor to high net worth investors, the author goes beyond merely warning about the perils of financial myths. He provides alternative strategies based on a foundation of core truths that cut through the ubiquitous financial propaganda generated by product marketers and their media cohorts.

von Borstel then continues the educational voyage, guiding us through the accumulation, transition and retirement phases of our financial life, explaining how core truths clarify and keep us
aligned with our financial objectives. The principles outlined in the Estate Planning chapter can serve as a road map for avoiding the common mistakes that foster everything from family disputes to more tragic consequences.

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Invincibility Shield for Investors

Illusions of Invincibility

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. There is no such thing as “absolute invincibility” when it comes to investing. Anytime you’re dealing with the unknown – and the stock market is certainly full of that – the concept of a “sure thing” goes right out the window. So, rather than focusing on the unknown, or that which you don’t control, my fous is on helping you concentrate and make smarter decisions about the unknown – that which you do control: your priorities, your expectations, and your behavior.

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