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Facing a furlough? Six ways to prepare.

August 22, 2013

Wayne suggests six ways that everyone should prepare for the possibility of an unexpected pay reduction.

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Voices: Wayne von Borstel, on Your Clients’ ‘Financial DNA’

February 28, 2013

Wayne discusses the importance of a client’s financial DNA and how it can help advisors really understand what drives their clients financial actions.

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Restoring Normalcy

October 1, 2009

Wayne von Borstel discusses the ways advisors can help their clients regain equilibrium after a financial upheaval.

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Planning and Common Language: Keys to Retiree Confidence

March/April 2009

Wayne von Borstel discusses the planning problems that can arise when financial advisors and their clients do not understand financial terms in the same way.

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Leave as Much Joy As You Bought

Wayne von Borstel offers “Wayne’s Rules” that will help clients recognize and appreciate the true value of money.

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The Heart of the Issue

October 7, 2008

Wayne von Borstel discusses how getting his clients to talk about themselves, their ancestors, important events in their lives and plans for the future helped him to learn what is truly important to his clients.

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Who’s Running Your Practice

September 1, 2008

Wayne von Borstel discusses how telling clients and potential clients the unfiltered truth can lead to clients for life.

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What Farming Taught Me About Estate Planning

Wayne von Borstel discusses how his childhood and early adult life as a farmer impacted his understanding of the ins and outs of estate planning.

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Entering Your Client’s Secret Garden

Wayne von Borstel discusses the ways financial advisors can enhance their value by having intimate conversations with their clients.

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