Perception vs. Reality

It is amazing how often our perception…which may, or may not be, based on fact…becomes our reality. What we all believe is true is biased and formed by where we’ve grown up, how we were raised, our experiences, our education and more. It seems to me that the only way to battle that our perception […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Financial Closet

I suppose it is human nature to want to clean our homes when spring comes. I was reading somewhere that 77% of Americans spring clean. Wow! This means all across the country people are cleaning behind the furniture, washing the windows, washing the drapes, and scrubbing the floor. I admit that I don’t spring clean, […]

Do Financial Contradictions Affect Your Life?

We know what contradictions are, but what are financial contradictions? They are thoughts, feelings and actions regarding your investments and financial plans in the short-term that oppose what you set out to achieve with the same investments and strategies over the long-term. Financial contradictions are rooted in unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations about… 1. The market […]

13 Tax Savings You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s a new year and it’s getting close to tax time. Most of us are busy and ignoring what needs our attention. If you are one of those rushing to the post office with your return on April 15th, that’s not good! Now’s the time to slow-down and be intentional about how you can save […]

5 Steps to Spend Less and Give More

It is interesting to me how many people do not enjoy Christmas nor the holidays at this time of year. How is it that a time that is to be celebrated and is advertised to be so happy is sometimes so sad? Is Christmas and the holidays a time to…? spend money celebrate tradition enjoy family […]

Emotions: Friend or Foe?

Do you understand your emotions? My job as a financial planner is to find ways to help you control your emotions and the ensuing self-defeating actions that can negatively impact your financial potential. Let’s list some emotions that can impact your potential for financial success. These emotions can lead to either a Pollyannaish or a Henny […]

Do You See the Forest, Yet Ignore the Trees?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” This refers to being so focused on the small details that someone fails to see the larger picture. In my experience, I’ve found that when it comes to planning for future financial success, most do the exact opposite. They see […]


It’s that time of year again. When we focus on doing something in the short-term in hopes it will make a significant difference in the long-term. What are your New Year’s resolutions? For many of us it’s to lose weight. Or maybe you want to reduce your screen time, spend more time with family, focus […]