Fee-Only Financial Planning

In the world of wealth management, financial planning is a distinct and different service apart from investment management. As a registered investment advisory firm, we offer fee-only financial planning services apart from investment management.

If you are looking for independent advice, free from the needs, biases, sales quotas and marketing influences of another company we can help. We do not have conflicts of interest and can provide you with comprehensive financial planning advice for an annual project fee.

In designing your financial plan we bring to bear three powerful forces to work toward your success:

  1. Our in-house team of experienced professionals who work one on one with you throughout the entire process;
  2. Our robust technology which allows us to analyze, consolidate, organize, design, and track your plan as well as providing an encrypted “vault” that can store copies of your important documents, such as trusts and wills, easily allowing you to share them with other professionals;
  3. Our network of outside expert professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, with whom we will join you in meeting for the purpose of implementing each part of your plan.

Each financial plan we develop is as unique as your own thumbprint. Fee-Only Financial Planning involves many elements and our professional opinion may include recommendations for the following:

Retirement Planning: We’ll plan for the retirement of your dreams, whether that means golfing full time, traveling, continuing with work or starting a new vocation, performing charity work, or some combination entirely of your own creation.

Education Planning: For you, your children, grandchildren or anyone else you wish to assist.

Estate Planning: You’ll be well equipped for meeting with an attorney, ensuring that your estate plan works in concert with your overall financial plan. In addition, we will accompany you on your meetings to help facilitate the various thought processes and smooth implementation.

Tax Planning: We will help prepare you and accompany you on strategy meetings with your CPA so that this important aspect of your comprehensive financial plan is properly integrated.

Insurance Planning: We will review, analyze, and make recommendations on various aspects of insurance including life, health, long-term-care, and disability to ensure that you have just the appropriate amount of insurance.

Business Planning: We will help you with your business as it integrates with all the other moving parts of your financial life, including estate planning and succession planning. And we will work in concert with other professionals such as attorneys and accountants, again, to provide continuity of your overall financial plan.

Special Project Planning: We’ll help you plan for other special goals such as buying a new or second home, purchasing a boat, or planning for a special event such as a wedding.