Investment Planning

The Vision to Wealth Process™

Values, vision, and a plan on paper are important, but like a roadmap, you must travel to your destinations, in order to reap the value of planning. We are here to help you take action, to experience the journey. So how do we take action with your investments?

  1. The investment plan, a subset of your overall Financial Plan, is constructed based upon many factors such as: your time horizon, your risk tolerance, and your goals.
  2. Regardless of which type of portfolio you choose, one of our main objectives is to minimize the volatility of your portfolio. Returns that feel like a roller-coaster ride are not fun and are not good for your portfolio. To reduce volatility, two powerful tools must be scientifically applied to your portfolio: diversification and correlation. We incorporate Nobel Prize winning diversification research and scientifically designed investment models.
  3. Within our clients’ portfolios we use 10 to 14 unique asset classes, blending Style-Based and Strategy-Based portfolios, managed on active and passive platforms. Each one is unique and tailored to meet the suitability of each individual client. Style-Based portfolios include large and small cap categories as well as value and growth categories, to name a few. Strategy-Based portfolios include investments designed to be Non-Equities-Correlated, Trend Following, Hedged, and Tax-Reducing.
  4. Since we are independent, we offer you a huge range of investment choices based upon merit, not based on in-house pressure to sell.

Our goal is to build and maintain portfolios that yield the greatest level of expected return for a given level of risk. We are able to design portfolios with a simple yet robust structure, or we can model portfolios similar to multibillion dollar institutional investors. Each platform has its own unique risk/return expectations.

The institutional model is more complex; however, there isn’t much cost difference. The choice is up to each client and their level of comfort. We are proud to offer these unique scientifically designed institutional investment tools to which most retail investors don’t have access. We are among a small group of advisors who are capable of applying this level of expertise to client portfolios.

Here is our unique eight-step wealth management process that encompasses both financial planning and investment management:

1. Guided Discovery: In a one-on-one meeting we will conduct a guided fact gathering, explore your financial priorities, and listen to your goals and concerns.

2. Input & Analysis: We will perform the heavy lifting of bringing together the various pieces of your financial life, analyze them for gaps, and then formulate your complete plan.

3. Define & Design: Clarify your values and goals – Together we focus in on discovering your values and goals, ensuring that they are the driving force of your financial plan.

4. Develop Your Personal Success Strategy: We carefully craft a plan that is unique to you, covering many aspects of planning such as: retirement, estate, investment, insurance, tax, education planning, even special projects.

5. Implement Your Personal Success Strategy: We come together to make final strategy decisions, implement insurance solutions and execute investment strategies.

6. Integrate Estate & Succession Planning: We join you in meeting with an attorney to draft estate and legal documents, as well as to define legacy or entity issues.

7. Summarize & Confirm Your Newly Deployed Plan: This meeting will confirm all new accounts and investments, and will clarify strategy details.

8. Monitor, Modify & Motivate: We will oversee your plan on a continual basis, monitoring your investments for needed adjustments and changes. Importantly, this is the phase where we stay in touch with you frequently keeping abreast of changes in your life that may necessitate changes in your plan.