Our Team

Our team has top-level credentials, vast experience and depth of knowledge. We intentionally maintain a low client to team member ratio. Our shared values drive what we do and to us our clients are like family.

Sandy Hernández

Sandy Hernández, LUTCF, FSS

Wayne’s Para Planner

  • Prepares Wayne’s files for upcoming appointments.
  • Compiles client’s net worth statements and other reports.
  • Responds to inquiries regarding planning program information.
  • Handles financial planning fees and billing.
  • Compliance

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Tammy Kauffman

Tammy Kauffman, LUTCF

Systems Specialist

  • Assists Wayne’s clients with our online Wealth Management System.
  • Helps clients establish their Account Connections.
  • Helps clients with the safe storage of their important documents in their online Vault.
  • Coordinates all Mt. Hood and North Clackamas Social Security and Financial Seminars.

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Elias Aguirre

Elias Aguirre

Wayne’s Relationship Manager

  • Stays in touch with clients and friends of the firm on a regular basis.
  • Manages Wayne’s calendar.
  • Coordinates all client events.

Jan Gridley

Jan Gridley. LUTCF

Wayne’s Account Service Specialist

  • Processes all new accounts and transfer paperwork.
  • Processes old account rollovers.
  • Processes liquidations  and check instructions.
  • Processes Life Insurance and Annuity paperwork.

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Marta von Borstel

Marta von Borstel

Operations Manager

  • Ensures all computers and systems stay up-to-date.
  • Implements new technology and works to resolve any technology issues.
  • Maintains both offices.
  • Assists with staffing.
  • Makes conference travel arrangements.

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Joan-Marie Ebert

Joan-Marie Ebert

Director of Marketing

  • Ensures clients, friends, and the community stay updated on upcoming events and important news.
  • Utilizes engaging and purposeful content to provide daily reminders of our core financial philosophies through digital and social marketing channels.
  • Oversees all communications, advertising and PR.

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