Secrets of the Successful – #3

Do you find yourself searching or wondering what your true talent is? Do you think that maybe if you can uncover your true talent you will find the right job, the right opportunity, or that special circumstance that will be meaningful to you?  We spend so much time worried about our skill set and how to use it. Some say, “Well, I didn’t have the opportunity, the education, or know the right people to get the right breaks.” Yes, this may be true, but is it really why you have not accomplished all that you want?  I recently saw a post that talked about what takes zero talent. Absolutely no talent and you can still stand out from the rest. Are you ready to stand out from the rest?

Success SecretsThe Successful Have a Good Attitude.

See all attitude really takes is a philosophy, a belief that life is good and worth living. Because if we have a good attitude so many things will come our way. Will you be late to work if you have a good attitude? If your answer is yes, I wonder if you know what a good attitude is. Because a good attitude would lead you to give more effort, have more passion about life, and want to do the best no matter the job or task given. So I truly believe that being successful at anything requires a good attitude. Your attitude takes zero talent. Other than waking up in the morning and telling yourself that it’s going to be a great day, but that’s not talent, that’s effort. The right attitude is when you tell yourself that the person who cut you off at the stop sign really is not going to destroy your life. Maybe understanding that it is your choice whether today is a good day or a bad day. Every day has its trials, but every day was given to us by God and we can make the most of it.

Do You have a Good Attitude?

Do you remember the last person who you met who possessed a good attitude? After all, isn’t a good attitude one of the requirements for landing a great job? Do you walk like you have a positive, energetic, upbeat attitude and like you want to give your best? If this doesn’t make sense to you, maybe you should ask someone close to you to describe your attitude. What words would they use to describe how you approach life, friendship, marriage, your job, or your faith?

I believe that a good attitude will help you rise to be your best because you will have the attributes that get noticed and that so few have. A good attitude will not make you the most talented, but it may make you the most appreciated. Again, your attitude will not make you something that you are not, but it will give you the ability to do the best you can in any circumstance with whoever you find yourself working with or for. It will allow you to be your best and as a result new opportunities, ones that you might never have noticed, will be uncovered!

So when you wake up tomorrow get an extra step in your stride, smile like it’s going to be a great day, ignore negative input, look for opportunity to help someone else, and be the best at your job and the life you find yourself in. This will lead to you being Your Best.