Coaching, Are You Ready?

It is interesting to be in the business of coaching. Many people identify me as a financial planner, however, what I really am is a financial coach. I coach people to have better actions, better habits and ultimately, as a result, better lives. Success starts not with money, but with people. Helping people to be […]

Do Financial Contradictions Affect Your Life?

We know what contradictions are, but what are financial contradictions? They are thoughts, feelings and actions regarding your investments and financial plans in the short-term that oppose what you set out to achieve with the same investments and strategies over the long-term. Financial contradictions are rooted in unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations about… 1. The market […]

Emotions: Friend or Foe?

Do you understand your emotions? My job as a financial planner is to find ways to help you control your emotions and the ensuing self-defeating actions that can negatively impact your financial potential. Let’s list some emotions that can impact your potential for financial success. These emotions can lead to either a Pollyannaish or a Henny […]

Get Your Hands Dirty

The other day, my five year old granddaughter and I planted a tree. One of the day’s most important lessons was that it is okay to get dirty. She wondered when we were done if we got to wash our hands. I think it’s important for all of us to learn that we have to […]

Why I Still Wear a Tie

It’s interesting that as life goes on, I watch myself get old. Today at 60, many things have changed. Cars are faster and more efficient, people are busier, communication is immediate, and we are much more casual in how we dress at work. I see the benefits of new technology and embrace them with ease, […]

4 Requirements to Live Successfully

The world is made up of decisions. When we wake, what we eat, how we spend our time…everything is a decision. How do we make decisions? Are they thoughtful and planned or made reactively based on instinct, feelings, and bad habits? Does it make a difference? Should we care or just let life happen? In […]

What You Shouldn’t Be Watching

Returns! Being obsessed with returns is probably the most underrated weakness of the investor.  Does it make sense to look at short-term returns? I believe not. I’ve found it makes more sense to talk about whether we’re on track rather than returns. There will always be something hotter and with a better return than what […]

5 Ways to Make a Happier Holiday

Yes, I know for many of you, it’s too late. You got up early Black Friday and fought the crowds or spent most of your day Cyber Monday shopping online. Did you get wrapped up in the emotion of the moment? Did you buy something you did not need or should have gone without? It’s […]

How to Invest for the Next 100% Swing

I could sit here tonight and write about what the markets will do tomorrow. There’s a good chance that what I write will be correct. And if I was right, would you attribute that to brilliance or luck? We would all like to be able to predict, or have someone predict for us, what the […]

7 Fears that Lead to Less

It’s interesting that, by majority, we feel really intelligent. Most of us believe that we are above average in our thought processes and how we make decisions. Yet, this over-reliance on our own thought processes is what has caused the vast majority of people to fail financially. What drives our beliefs? Not fact, not science, […]