Perception vs. Reality

It is amazing how often our perception…which may, or may not be, based on fact…becomes our reality. What we all believe is true is biased and formed by where we’ve grown up, how we were raised, our experiences, our education and more. It seems to me that the only way to battle that our perception […]

The Market is Down, So Now What? 6 Actions to Bring Sanity to Your Investing!

The market is down. There are articles and comments in social media saying it’s going to go down 90%, 40%, 60% in 2016! Who can tell you what the market is going to do tomorrow? No one. Now 300,000+ brokers are all guessing at what the market is going to do tomorrow …. Someone will […]

How to Invest for the Next 100% Swing

I could sit here tonight and write about what the markets will do tomorrow. There’s a good chance that what I write will be correct. And if I was right, would you attribute that to brilliance or luck? We would all like to be able to predict, or have someone predict for us, what the […]