What was the Price of Today? Who Paid?

I was driving through the Columbia River Gorge towards Portland, Oregon and it struck me once again, as it often does, that life is beautiful! You know what else is beautiful? Freedom. Freedom equals choices, choices equal action, action equals opportunity, opportunity equals luck, luck equals fortune, fortune equals advantage, and advantage equals living your […]

Rolling Back on Dodd-Frank

Is regulation protection? Does it hinder productivity? Does it make dishonest people, honest? Could regulation possibly keep honest people, from being their best for their clients?   I think we could write a book on these four questions. Whatever happened to common sense, honesty, and a handshake? I hear many people asking, “What happens if […]

Investing and Politics

Who will have the greatest impact on your financial future? You or President-elect Trump? Now I know there are two groups in this country: one hates what they see going forward based on our election; and one loves it. What are the chances that somewhere in-between is the truth? What is the chance that you […]

Brexit and the Boston Tea Party

Let me ask you a question? Do you perceive the Boston Tea Party as a negative historical event? I would agree that in the short-term it was not very pretty, yet in the long-term it led to the independence, formation, and growth of our great nation.  As for Britain, they too survived and continued to […]

Secrets of the Successful – #1

I’ve been in financial services for over 30 years. When you do something for that long the patterns emerge and you see why things are the way they are. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know hundreds of successful people, some of the most successful people in the country, to discuss their dreams, their […]

Do Financial Contradictions Affect Your Life?

We know what contradictions are, but what are financial contradictions? They are thoughts, feelings and actions regarding your investments and financial plans in the short-term that oppose what you set out to achieve with the same investments and strategies over the long-term. Financial contradictions are rooted in unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations about… 1. The market […]

The Front Porch

Recently, my father passed away at 94. Considering that his friends were all dead, the church was fairly full. The Legion attended with a military squad. The Navy played “Taps” and conducted a flag ceremony which ended with the presentation of the flag to my oldest sister. Many family and friends attended and shared stories […]

13 Tax Savings You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s a new year and it’s getting close to tax time. Most of us are busy and ignoring what needs our attention. If you are one of those rushing to the post office with your return on April 15th, that’s not good! Now’s the time to slow-down and be intentional about how you can save […]

5 Steps to Spend Less and Give More

It is interesting to me how many people do not enjoy Christmas nor the holidays at this time of year. How is it that a time that is to be celebrated and is advertised to be so happy is sometimes so sad? Is Christmas and the holidays a time to…? spend money celebrate tradition enjoy family […]

How Much is Enough?

In a recent meeting, my clients and I discussed their desire to leave 10% of their estate to charity and the rest to their children. Their financial success is significant, not like you read about in the news, yet charity is important to them and they want to leave a sizable contribution. So I asked […]