Values, Vision and Wealth


Great investments, measured in numbers, are just the starting point. The real significance of financial wealth is measured by “the opportunities it creates and the good it can do,” rather than just its face value. Think about that: Is your wealth doing all it could be for you and your future?

Part of our role is helping you discover your greater meaning of wealth and then aligning your financial plan and investments to fulfill it. We take an active, professional coaching role in clarifying and defining your dreams and aspirations. Far beyond simply investing your money, we’ll help you realize a true sense of accomplishment in life.

Your Values. Guiding you through the process of discovering your values and aligning them with your vision and your wealth helps give you tremendous confidence about your future. Our goal is to bring as much of ourselves to the table as we ask of our clients. In that spirit, we would like to share with you why we do what we do and our core commitments to our clients.

Our Values. Our passion to serve our clients each day stems from the core belief that “Financial Success Means More than Just Great Investments.” Our life experience and study of others leads us to realize that financial success becomes true significance when wealth is used to sustain dreams and create lasting footprints on this earth.

With this core value – seeking to maximize choices and good from wealth – we are motivated each day to work with our clients to help them make a difference in a way that is meaningful to them. This noble work that facilitates your accomplishment is what gives meaning to our lives. Sharing this value is a crucial element in the heart of each of our team members.

Independence. Another core value of ours is that investments should be chosen based upon their merits and the degree to which they are appropriate for your portfolio based upon your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals. To ensure we are able to provide this highest level of integrity with our recommendations, we maintain our independence, free of pressures to sell “in-house” products and the inherent conflicts of interest in “making markets.”



Your vision is what provides the framework for your overall plan that we design.

For many, however, defining and distilling their vision can feel daunting. Finding focus and clarity on your own can be difficult. With our assistance, this process becomes more manageable, enjoyable, and very rewarding. With a customized plan, you will be in a better position to put your wealth to work for its true purpose – the reasons that are most important to you. You will be in control and have a clear understanding of how the pieces of your vision fit together in your plan. We’ll help you to gain the clarity and confidence that can relieve worry and frustration.

Our Vision. Your successful outcome is where our values and vision are realized. Our vision is to help our clients uncover their own vision and then provide them with fully-integrated, ongoing wealth management. We aim to be the clearly superior choice beyond simply investing your wealth. We are a dedicated team that delivers comprehensive planning aligning your values, vision, and wealth.



What is wealth? Each person’s answer to that question is personal and unique. As we’ve said, we believe wealth means so much more than just having amassed a collection of assets and investments. Money is but one currency that has value in our lives. For many, life’s true value is found in family, faith, health and career.

To enjoy these, we need the most valuable commodity of all – Time. Each of us has a finite 168 hours each week to spend. Are you spending your time where you want? We’ll help you confirm your values and clarify your vision so you can maximize the choices and impact your wealth provides.