Why Work With Us?

Why You Should Do Business with von Borstel & Associates?

1. You Are The Center of All We Do. Our process is driven by what’s most important to you. We’ll help you align your values, vision and wealth for success that is personally defined by you.

2. We Care. We’ve taken stock of our own values and vision, and your success has personal meaning to each of us here at von Borstel & Associates. And we care enough to be amply staffed to help ensure superior client service.

3. Experience. We are a team of dedicated specialists, with years of education and experience backing up what we do. With so much of what’s important to you at stake, going it alone or settling for someone less qualified just doesn’t make good business sense.

4. Independence and Autonomy. Our advice is free from the influences of company-owned investments and sales quotas. We’re empowered to help you find the best solutions available.

5. Make Better Decisions. Having an experienced coach to guide you to the right questions will improve the clarity of your answers and the conviction of your decisions. And, when the unexpected happens or the going gets tough, you’ll have a motivated partner on your team to help you make prudent choices for your success.

6. Minimize Mistakes. Acquiring wealth is only part of the equation; wealth preservation and growth requires avoiding common pitfalls and oversights. Years of investment results can be wiped out with a poor decision. A substantial part of our job is to help you reduce the chances of costly mistakes.

7. Align Investment Returns with Your Expectations. We’ll carefully define, efficiently deploy and vigilantly maintain your ideal mix of investments to help you work toward the greatest return for a specified degree of risk. You’ll feel confident knowing you’re following a calculated strategy for success.

8. Improve Your Quality of Life. Delegating this complex and continuous process to us means you’ll have more time to pursue the things that are truly important to you and less worry as you enjoy them.

If you’re committed to your financial success, please email or call us today to schedule a free consultation to discover how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you!