Brexit and the Boston Tea Party

BrexitLet me ask you a question? Do you perceive the Boston Tea Party as a negative historical event? I would agree that in the short-term it was not very pretty, yet in the long-term it led to the independence, formation, and growth of our great nation.  As for Britain, they too survived and continued to thrive over the past 240 years. If you perceive the Boston Tea Party to be a positive historical event, then why is Britain’s decision to exit the European Union (EU) so unsettling? Isn’t there enough opportunity in the world for every country to be independent and to be their best?

The recent vote did not shock me like it did so many. My wife and I spent some time in Britain four months ago. While we were there, I was eager to obtain many Brits’ views on the subject. Most of the people I talked to were in favor of leaving the EU. They felt the strength of their great country was being weighed down by other EU member countries which were under performing.

With every new change, why do we allow our minds to migrate to fear, worry, and anxiety? There is as much opportunity for success with Britain’s decision as there is for failure, and not just in regards to Britain.  Let’s choose to focus on the positives. One such positive is that we now have the ability to buy some stocks whose prices have fallen into our buy range for our international portfolios.

You may find my analogy too far reaching. After all, Britain had a vote, not a revolt, and war is likely not an outcome in this scenario.  However, I hope I’ve sparked a new perspective in regards to Brexit here. A perspective where opportunity for greatness exists for all, whether we choose to go it alone or stay part of a team. It all depends on our desire, will, and fortitude to be our best.