How We Can Help

Integrated Wealth Planning

At von Borstel & Associates, we help clients align their values, vision and wealth to achieve financial clarity and continued success. We design, implement, and maintain custom-tailored wealth, management solutions for affluent families, business owners, highly compensated professionals and people who have recently lost a spouse.

Your values, vision and enthusiasm are at the center of this process. Our knowledge, guidance, encouragement, and ongoing support is tailored to keep your values, vision and wealth aligned throughout the changes in your life.


Our Cornerstone

Great investments, measured in numbers, are just the starting point. The real significance of financial wealth is measured by the opportunities it creates and the good it can do, rather than just its face value. Think about that: Is your wealth doing all it could be for you and your future?

Part of our role is helping you discover your greater meaning of wealth and then aligning your financial plan and investments. We take an active, professional coaching role in clarifying and defining your dreams and aspirations. Far beyond simply investing your money, we’ll help you realize a true sense of accomplishment in life.