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If you have an important decision to make…one that will impact your future…doesn’t it make sense to get a second opinion? You likely would not accept a medical diagnosis without first getting a second opinion, nor would you embark on a costly home renovation without one either. Making an important financial decision is no different.

This service is designed for people with a minimum of $500,000 of investable assets, not including your home or real estate. If you do not yet have our minimum, please keep us in mind as your assets continue to grow. Our goal is to help you make the very best decision, which may include doing absolutely nothing and staying the course, making a few changes, or embarking on a new path. Here are some of the things we will review when we meet:

  • Financial Plan – Do you have one?
  • Personal Risk and Portfolio Risk – Are they in alignment?
  • Suitability of Advice – Do the recommendations you’ve been provided suit your specific needs, above all else?
  • Evaluations Method – How is your portfolio being evaluated to determine if you’re on track to reach your goals?
  • Social Security – Have you maximized your benefits?
  • Tax-Efficiency – Are your investments allowing you to keep as much as possible?
  • Estate Planning – Have the important questions been answered? Are your documents in place and up-to date?
  • Life Transitions – Are you facing a significant life event either the loss of a loved one, divorce, sale of your business or other major change?

Gain deeper insight into your financial decisions, so you can make the best possible ones.

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