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If you have an important decision to make…one that will impact your future…doesn’t it make sense to get a second opinion? You likely would not accept a medical diagnosis without first getting a second opinion, nor would you embark on a costly home renovation without one either. Making an important financial decision is no different.

Second opinions are important and ours are free to those with a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets. Our goal is to help you make the very best decision, which may include doing absolutely nothing and staying the course, making a few changes, or embarking on a new path. Here are some of the things we will review when we meet:

  • Financial Plan – Do you have one?
  • Personal Risk and Portfolio Risk – Are they in alignment?
  • Suitability of Advice – Do the recommendations you’ve been provided suit your specific needs, above all else?
  • Evaluations Method – How is your portfolio being evaluated to determine if you’re on track to reach your goals?
  • Social Security – Have you maximized your benefits?
  • Tax-Efficiency – Are your investments allowing you to keep as much as possible?
  • Estate Planning – Have the important questions been answered? Are your documents in place and up-to date?
  • Life Transitions – Are you facing a significant life event either the loss of a loved one, divorce, sale of your business or other major change?

Gain deeper insight into your financial decisions, so you can make the best possible ones.

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